We’re finally official – SUN Co-operative moving forward…

Thanks for all the interest being shown in the SUN Co-operative, and your patience as we have waited for government approvals of our incorporation. We have been meeting regularly as a board of directors and thankfully we are finally an official co-op and can now accept memberships (yes even online), apply for funding, and really kick things into high gear! We have engineers doing preliminary work on one potential Vale site (see draft site map attached, a regreened flat slag area not visible from Big Nickel Mine road), and are putting in funding applications for a feasibility study that will tell us which size of project to pursue (since the provincial government is in the midst of changing the Feed In Tariff program again!) We expect to apply for a smallFIT project (500 kW) in the next intake in the fall, so stay tuned for our first public/member meeting in August that will give you more information and your first chance to invest in the co-op! Join today!

Vale SUN Co-op Site - drawing June 2013