Happy Spring! SUN Co-op Update…

During the dark of winter much was happening at the SUN CO-operative:

  • We signed a long-term lease for a piece of property with Vale, the largest mining company in Sudbury, to use land currently covered in waste rock for our first solar power projects.
  • We completed and submitted our first application to the Ontario government for a FIT contract, which would see them buying the power we generate from these projects for the next 20 years.
  • We obtained funding, and hired experts, to undertake planning work for both this and other potential larger projects.
  • We have started discussions with potential private sector partners to help us finance and build these multi-million dollar projects.
  • We’ve networked both within and beyond our community with other co-0ps, particularly renewable energy co-ops.

As spring appears (at least on the calendar) we hope it will bring positive news on our Ontario FIT application, and other good news for our goals to support a more sustainable society in Sudbury and beyond!