FIT 4 applications are in!

We are excited to report that we submitted two applications to the FIT program at the beginning of October. We couldn’t have done it without our wonderful members who were very responsive in signing off the consent forms. In the words of our partner Soventix, they were “perfect” FIT applications with:

  • responsible land use, strong economics, and municipal government support resolutions;
  • they were submitted within the first few minutes of the intake so near the front of the line;
  • and, of course they will get priority points for being submitted by a co-op.

The projects are for 500 kW ground-mounted solar installations on rural land (about 5 – 7 acres each) with one located on the way to Capreol, and one on Estaire Road south of the city. While we wait for a response on these applications, expected spring 2016, we plan to further develop our partnership agreement with Soventix, apply for funding for legal help with that effort, and continue negotiations with more landowners so we can apply for more projects next year.

Stay tuned!