IESO announcement and more FIT applications

Ontarians might have heard the news this past week that our government is cancelling some renewable energy contracts. We wanted to clarify that this announcement does not affect the SUN Co-operative in any way. What they are cancelling is the upcoming round of contracts to be offered to new large renewable projects (greater than 10 megawatts generally and led by private developers). They are not however changing their plans for the upcoming round of Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) contracts (up to 500 kilowatts in size). Nor are they changing anything in regards to past contracts that have already been announced or awarded. We still have one FIT contract from this past year in place, and we are still planning to apply for two or three more FIT contracts in the coming month. Thanks to all those members and supporters that came out to our public announcement on September 9th at the Fromagerie Elgin.
Our next steps for applying to this last round of FIT contracts is to get the support of Greater Sudbury City Council for the projects. We are on the agenda for the upcoming planning committee meeting to that end and are optimistic that we will have no problem gaining their support. These are all projects in rural areas of the city where we have a long-term lease signed with a local landowner that meets the FIT program rules in terms of avoiding wetlands, agricultural land or forested areas, and that will have no impact on neighbours. We will share more details in the coming weeks.

As part of these new FIT applications, we need our Sudbury property owner co-op members to confirm their property ownership and address by signing and emailing (or giving back to their local board member) this privacy consent form (PDF document). That form allows us to provide proof of our member numbers and co-op status and allows the government to confirm those members’ names and addresses for FIT eligibility purposes. Please fill out and sign this form as soon as possible. We will be following up with the owner members we haven’t heard from in the following week.

Also, mark your calendars for our upcoming Annual General Member’s meeting, November 3rd. Thanks to all for your support!

Your SUN Co-op Board of Directors