Happy (belated) New Year to all our co-op members!

The board is excited for the new year so we can finally get to work making our first solar project happen in Sudbury!

The project is a 500 kW ground-mounted project on Estaire Road as we’ve said, and our partner Soventix is ready to start the detailed engineering and to get the final details from Hydro One on how much it will cost to connect the project to the grid.

This means by the summer we should have the final confirmation of all the project costs, negotiate our construction agreement with Soventix, and be able to start selling bonds for members and anyone to own a piece of the project. Co-op members will have first dibs on those bonds, and through them be able to support renewable energy, invest in their own community, and make a solid long-term return at the same time!

We are also working on the funding to help offset some of the costs of developing and marketing those community bonds, and hope to have that confirmed by the summer as well. If everything falls into place, we’ll be ready to build by next Spring (2018).

In the meantime we are always looking for new co-op members, board members, and start-up investors of up to $1000. There is still a great chance to get a high return for the short-term and help leverage government funding for us. For more information see our website at: https://suncooperative.com/investment-information/  We’ll be setting a new target for these short-term investments in the next while so we will keep members informed.HNY2017.png