Happy Fall to Members & Supporters!

The SUN Co-op board is happy to announce that everything is coming together for construction of our solar project next summer! We are fully confident it is going to happen, with the connection costs from Hydro One coming in as low as hoped, the environmental reviews clearing, the site design getting confirmed, and the staffing to manage the project in place!

We are also happy to announce provincial funding has come through for our sales person to work for the year and we are in the process of hiring right now (not too late to apply: http://www.rethinkgreen.ca/employment_opportunities). We have also hired reThink Green as our project manager to supervise the intern, and take a lot of other duties off the volunteer board of directors.

What we need from all of you is new board members! We have two board members ending their term that we need to replace, or we will fall below the minimum we need to operate. So with everything falling into place, this is the best time to join the board and help guide staff in selling the bonds. You just need to be willing to commit time to monthly meetings mainly to be of help! If we don’t get any volunteers we’ll be calling some of you to invite you personally to consider joining or recruiting someone else you know!

We are inviting everyone to learn more details about the project and meet our new staff at our upcoming Annual General Meeting. It will be at the New Sudbury Library on Lasalle Boulevard, on November 2, from 7 to 8:30 pm. Our partner Soventix from Toronto will present the details of the solar project site on Estaire Road, and the panel layout and technology to date.